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The Life Sequence: A Journey of Life 

The Life Sequence was developed by Clive as a result of personal experiences and is informed by his training in yoga, psychotherapy and embodiment. Uniquely designed and with several years of development, this highly original experience invites you on a journey of life from birth to death through a combination of yoga postures, mindfulness meditation, embodiment, creative expression, reflection and guided visualisation. Exploring the different stages of life we move through, this experience offers a valuable opportunity to link our past, present and future together. It engages memories, dreams and aspirations while providing an opportunity to reflect on the myriad experiences of life. 

Clive teaches this unique sequence in workshops and retreats around the UK and abroad. The sequence is taught on both an individual and group level and can be adapted to suit different occasions and formats. Clive is currently writing the sequence up as part of a book.

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Testiomonials for the Life Sequence

"When Clive invited me to practice the Life Sequence little did I know he'd be instructing a unique sequence that I'd never experienced before. Conceptually, it was a masterpiece; put simply, it was the best themed yoga class I'd ever attended. The postures were elegantly reinvented and invigorated with imagination rooted in the common human experience. From birth to death, the life sequence is a journey both physical and spiritual." 
Lance (26 yrs) - Nutritionist - Florida, USA

"I arrived in Suffolk, physically and mentally weary and was looking forward to immersing myself in the retreat, hosted by Clive. I was already familiar with Clive, having attended many of his regular yoga classes so knew that we would be in safe and trusted hands, but I didn't know what to really expect from The Life Sequence. What unfolded over the course of the next few days was an extraordinary and remarkable journey of self discovery, exploration and ultimately enlightenment into our interior - A meditation on Life....and Death. A unique retreat unlike any other. These elements were cleverly woven into yoga postures as well as playful and creative sessions which put us back in touch with the inner child within all of us which had been suffocated with growing older and the normal trajectory of Life. With a beautiful and peaceful setting in Suffolk, great company in the form of my fellow retreaters and wonderful, nutritious food, I left feeling much lighter with a truly better understanding of myself. Go! You will be thankful that you did."
Alison - Investment Management, London - UK

"Being guided through the life sequence with Clive was a beautiful, gentle and powerful process that allowed me to connect and open to my experience in an embodied and grounded way. Meeting myself as I negotiated each stage of my life journey brought new awareness and compassion. Clive has a gift for holidng space in which a deep expereince of mind, body and spirit can unfold through the present moment. Thank you."
Annabel (36 yrs) - Psychotherapist - London, UK

"Taking part in the Life Sequence was a deeply uplifting experience. It gave me an extraordinary opportunity to use my body and mind in conjunction to reflect holistically on the process of bereavement and growing up. At every stage of the Life Sequence I received important insights from both the individual work and the group work. By embodying the stages of life, it really made me question some of the assumptions I had held about different phases of human life, especially prejudices about old age. The whole process was guided by Clive with such deep sensitivity and humour that it always felt fresh and accessible. I would recommend the Life Sequence retreat run by Clive extremely highly no matter what age you are. At 23, I was the youngest member of the group and relished being able to explore my shorter life experience with those who had lived on the earth for much longer. I really felt that the Life Sequence retreat bore realisations within me that I can bring into my everyday life.
Daniel (23 yrs) - Youth Worker - London (UK)

"Clive's insight into yoga and its union with life has provided a truly remarkable sequence that will leave one fulfilled yet wanting to dive deeper into the endless possibilities of self-discovery as we journey through life. It is simply brilliant!"
Cruz (46 yrs) - High School Teacher - New York, USA

"Clive is a wonderful teacher, with a great energy, very focused, passionate, and yet calming all at the same time. It was a memorable moment getting to experience his "Life Sequence". I remember just feeling so free, so expanded, and very natural, as he took us through a series of Yoga poses that represented different stages of the human life experience. It was so creative and so different, that it really stuck out to me, and not only that but I felt great afterwards. He is very adapt at taking the human life experience, and translating it into the language of movement and asana in a very meaningful and in-depth way, that for me helped me to let go and relax deeper into the experience of Yoga. And not only is he a wonderful teacher, but it a wonderful person as well. So for anyone who wants a new and different, and completely unique Yoga class and experience, I highly recommend taking one of his classes, I guarantee you will love it and will not leave disappointed. So thank you Clive."
Anna (27 yrs) - Musician - Washington, USA

Clive's 'Life Sequence' retreat was a wonderful and life affirming experience. The Life Sequence allowed all of us on the course to meet ourselves with compassion, gratitude and a deeper understanding for this journey of life we all negotiate. Of course, this can at times be confronting but Clive 'held' the group in such a way that we felt completely safe and empowered to face ourselves and the different stages of our experience. One of the translations of yoga is 'communion with the truth' and this is what the 'Life Sequence' retreat embodies. Writing this testimonial months after having completed the course, its effects are still reverberating and empowering me now. If you are thinking about doing this retreat, stop thinking: listen to your being and do it. 
Nathaniel (38 yrs) - Actor - London, UK

“It was a beautiful and rewarding retreat experience. I was a bit nervous because I went on my own and didn’t know what this Life Sequence entitled. All my anxieties dissipated as soon as I arrived. The place was nurturing, the people authentic and warm. Clive’s demeanour drew us all into finding gentle movement to different stages of life. It was a lovely combination of yoga, meditation and creativity bridging past, present and future. It was a perfect mix between seriousness and playfulness, aloneness and community. The group dynamics were smooth and caring, everyone was able to express themselves and it was lovely to see people opening up and sharing, embodying the sense of trust and feelings of safety created in the group. Many thanks Clive for everything, your kindness, creativity and care and I look forward for more.”
Denise (32 yrs) - Psychotherapist - London, UK

"Fully enjoyable, mix of activities that enabled me to touch on a range of emotions.The acknowledgment of differences was important and allowed all to participate. Great use of Yoga postures to allow me to get in touch deep in myself, carefully adapted to everyone's abilities.  I certainly would recommend the life sequence as a valuable tool to explore one's life journey."
Claude (68 yrs) - Counsellor - London, UK

"I can't speak highly enough of Clive and the Life Sequence that he has created. Clive is an amazing teacher who guided us to take away what we needed to from the experience. The retreat was a perfect setting to be able to explore this sequence with new found friends encouraging openness in a safe space. Working our way through yoga postures that represent different stages of life was an exciting and yet challenging journey. We found the innocence of childhood and the creativity that came along with that as well as the balancing act of adulthood and the serious issues that arise with growing older. But at the end of it, I came out with pure gratitude to those who have helped shape my life, thankful for the life I have experienced so far and an enlightenment to where I am heading towards. Thanks Clive! It really was an amazing experience."
Julie (37 yrs) - Garment Technologist and Yogi - London (UK)

"This is without doubt one of the best retreats I have ever been on, not just because of the beautiful choice of location but because of the mindfulness and care put into the weekend. Clive created a perfect environment for the group to connect and to explore, collectively & individually, what the life sequence was. I felt nurtured, free and happy. Thanks Clive and the beautiful group that came together."
Flori (39 yrs) - Business Development Manager - London (UK)


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