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Article: Moving into Spring

Article: Moving into Spring

Open Into Spring

As the days get longer and lighter, we might experience a sense of wanting to ‘open-up’ after a period of winter hibernation. Whether it is through a movement based practise or a more restorative experience, yoga opens up areas of body where tightness or tension may exist.

Mentally, it can help to dissolve defences and cut through the daily chaos. Energetically, it opens up blockages in the body. In different ways our yoga practice can make us feel more alive within ourselves and more connected to others and the world we are part of, laying the foundations to experience this new season.

Spring Into Some Space

Yoga on some level is about creating space. Many of us have several commitments; be it on a personal or professional level and as Spring evolves we might find ourselves spending more time out socialising and generally more busy.

Yoga is an opportunity to find space for ourselves. Whether it is for five minutes or ninety minutes, whether it is every day or just one day per week, Yoga is a chance to check in and also nurture ourselves from the inside. And as the temperature gets warmer, we might even find these spaces outdoor.

Springtime Grounding

As the seasons change, we might also find the grounding aspect of yoga helpful. Whatever might be going in our lives, yoga gives us the opportunity to ground ourselves in the moment.

With its focus on breath, it helps to slow the mind and connect us to our ‘felt’ experience. This can help generate a greater sense of awareness of the ‘here and now’ and connect us more fully to the new season and what it offers.

Spring Forward

The yoga mat can represent a mirror to our lives which might be helpful as we transition into Spring and consider what we need moving forward. Our yoga practise can help cultivate a deeper understanding about how look after ourselves.

When to move, when to be more passive. When to challenge ourselves, when to be more gentle. What to put into the body and what to put out. This deeper intuition promotes more fluidity in our lives and harnesses the capacity to adapt to the changing seasonal nature of life.


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