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Poem: Standing on the Shoulders of the Past

Poem: Standing on the Shoulders of the Past


What a privilege to share this mysterious journey together

A myriad of experiences from day to day

Stresses and defences slowly fade; I am as light as a feather

Treasured memories and insights to take away


On the mat we met and explored our bodies, souls and minds

Breathing and meditating in flow and stillness

Floating between the internal and external to which we bind

Unravelling in our truth and connectedness


Under the supportive guidance of our teachers Sven and Kent

Deftly and mindfully containing our shared space

To a new world with hopes, ideas and dreams we are sent

Ready and willing to confront any challenge we might face


At White Lotus we discovered new friends and a sacred guide

Exploring the evolution of yoga, forever rich and vast

Parting ways but always remaining by each other’s side

As we step forward, hearts open, standing on the shoulders of the past



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