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The Fair Yoga Institute was set up by Clive Fogelman and Valerie Hartwich. As yoga teachers ourselves, they knew from personal experience that yoga teaching can be challenging.There is challenge in looking after others and maintaining care of oneself. Whilst there is a wide offer of professional trainings, they saw a need to provide emotional and psychological support. As with other caring professions like psychotherapy, they recognised the significant value in having a space to process work and personal experiences. That is the heart of our offering, and the place from which they want to see it grow, so it represents the needs of teachers.

As the Yoga industry and community continue to grow and change a range of issues need to be addressed. There is also a challenge in finding balance between the corporate spirit of the industry and the principles of yoga. At FYI there is an intention to create an open dialogue about this and co-create innovative solutions to build a sustainable space that allows everyone involved to flourish.

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